Cotswolds Cream Liqueur

Cotswolds Cream Liqueur is a tasty treat made by combining Cotswolds new-make single malt spirit with the nature’s freshest cream. The cream is naturally preserved by the alcohol and the combination produces a wonderfully rich and luscious liqueur.

The spirit in Cotswolds Cream is produced at the Cotswolds distillery using bespoke copper pot stills. As the distillery does not have the necessary equipment to do the cream to scale, the new-make spirit is sent to a partner in Tipperary (Ireland), home to some of the world’s best-known cream liqueurs. These experts combine Cotswolds single malt spirit with the freshest Irish cream – helping to offer a sensational product, with Cotswolds single malt at its heart.

Best consumed over ice, chilled or in coffee, Cotswolds cream is best stored in the refrigerator once opened. For optimum taste it should be consumed within 6 months after opening.

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