Providencia Rum

Mayfair – the very name conjures up an image of a more elegant age. An age of Hansom Cabs, Gentleman’s Clubs, Five Star Hotels and fine dining, all in a small area in the heart of the city of London renowned world wide for both luxury goods and luxury living.

The Brand

The partners behind Mayfair Brands have a clear vision of building Mayfair Brands into a producer of top quality premium spirits in tune with the luxury image of Mayfair and of distributing these premium products to discerning customers worldwide.

Providencia Rum

Providencia rum takes its name from a Spanish ship that crashed in Florida in 1878, spilling its cargo into the sea, which contained 20’000 coconuts, cigars, wine and rum. It is rumoured that the wreck was no accident, the captain wanted to claim the insurance on the wreck, and that in fact the settlers got all of the ship’s contents, using the coconuts to plant in the area giving rise to Florida’s Palm Beach. Providencia is a rum blend that uses rums from four different Caribbean islands.