The Spencerfield Blended Scotch Whisky

Irreverent Modern Classics

Traditionally made from fermented grain mash and aged in wooden casks, whisky is much loved across the world. Existing in a variety of styles, the water of life fills cups in a multitude of cultures and indeed, sparks debate with its different spellings!

One thing that everyone is certainly agreed upon is that whisky is a serious business, and that’s why Spencerfield is careful to use the finest malts for their blended whiskies, Pig’s Nose and The Feathery; created by Scotland’s only third generation Master Blender, and they are fiercely proud of the outstanding Sheep Dip blended malt.

Though once Scottish ancestors may have hidden their illicit whiskies away in barrels marked “SD” (for “sheep dip” or insecticide), Spencerfield is proud to stand behind their contribution to the fine heritage of whisky making.

Since October 2016, The Spencerfield Spirit Company is owned by the independent Scottish family-owned company Ian Macloed Distillers.

Pig’s Nose Blended Scotch Whisky

The backbone of Pig’s Nose Whisky is Invergordon grain whisky, acknowledged as one of the highest quality and lightest grain whiskies in Scotland. The Invergordon grain spirit is aged in first-fill American oak barrels for 5-7 years before adding no fewer than five first-class single malts to create an exceptionally smooth balance of flavours. Three of these malts hail from Scotland’s Speyside region, one from the Highlands, and the final 5% from Islay for a pleasingly peaty finish.

“As soft and smooth as a pig’s nose” is an old farming expression employed to describe particularly fine fabric or wool – perfect for evoking the delicately woven blend of smooth flavours in this whisky.

The Feathery Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Slightly sweeter, fuller and more rounded than standard malt whiskies, The Feathery echoes its namesake – the perfectly rounded, painstakingly crafted original golf ball.

The Feathery is a luscious blend of only the best malt whiskies, sourced exclusively from the Highland whisky-producing region of Scotland. This blend is matured only in first-fill wooden sherry casks which impart a rich, sweet expression to the robust Highland malts.

This whisky is the first expression in a range designed to celebrate original Scottish craftsmanship. The quirky, evocative name and backstory centres on invaluable ‘feathery’ golf balls which were, once upon a time, painstakingly handcrafted using feathers, tar and bird skin to make a satisfyingly rounded gaming companion. These perfectly hand-engineered balls were more streamlined and effective than those previously in use.

The Original Oldbury Sheep Dip Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Sheep Dip Blended Islay Scotch Whisky

A great whisky doesn’t need be the product of an individual distillery; nor should its age be a measure of quality.

A blend of whiskies, each aged in the finest quality, first-fill wooden barrels for between eight and twenty-one years. Every malt contributes unique characteristics to produce this exceptional, multi-award winning blended Sheep Dip whisky.

British farmers have long referred to whisky as ‘sheep dip’. This harks back to an era when farmers distilled their own ‘homemade’ whisky and hid it in barrels marked ‘sheep dip’ to avoid paying tax on their illicitly produced alcohol. Farmers’ merchants continued the tradition by entering cases of whisky as ‘sheep dip’ on the farmers’ bills, thus ‘pulling the wool’ over the eyes of the tax man and the farmers’ wives!