We are here for you!

We are here for you!

Panic is no help to anyone. But ignoring the situation is no help either.

Events have been coming thick and fast for weeks. The world is in a state of emergency. Distinguishing between real and fake news is becoming increasingly difficult.

As someone with a positive attitude, I observed the first spread of the virus with a somewhat relaxed interest, often even thinking “it will probably not be that bad”.

With the official knowledge that we have today, we all have to admit that COVID-19 is dangerous. The measures taken by the Swiss Federal Council (Bundesrat) are drastic and will have serious effects on many areas of our lives and the economy. However, if we can reduce the infection rate now, we will give our healthcare system the best possible chance to care for and cure sick patients.

Physical isolation is and remains the most effective measure for containing the pandemic. The faster we succeed in this, the faster (hopefully) a certain normality will be restored. For this reason, my team and I will initially cancel all events, or our participation in such events, until the end of April. We will reassess appointments after this date around mid-April.

I am absolutely aware that our situation in the supply chain is significantly more comfortable than for those at the front; our products neither expire nor disappear. I can, nonetheless, assure you that we are doing everything in our power to help all our customers, wherever possible, so that we can get through this together. My thoughts are especially with our numerous customers in the catering sector, together with their suppliers. Their situation is probably the most serious, not to say disastrous.

I am counting on the Swiss Federal Government, which must now follow its words with actions that are as swift and uncomplicated as possible, to support those areas of the economy that are staring into the abyss.

Due to the directive to maintain social distancing, we are currently refraining from personal calls. My entire team is available telephonically and via all the other familiar channels. We will keep you informed with regard to news. Deliveries will continue to be made as usual, unless the Federal Council orders any further restrictions in this regard. Our driver has been instructed on the necessary hygiene measures and will strictly adhere to them.

I wish everyone the strength and calmness to make it through this difficult situation. Stay healthy!

Warmest regards,

Patric Lutz & Team