Dolin Génépi Liqueur

Coeur de Génepi 1821

70cl / 40%

A floral blend (rich and complex) macerates during several weeks. After this period of maceration, the liquid solution (highly alcoholic) is distilled with an alembic.

The original recipe was written 200 years ago and is a secret. The flavour and aroma of this liqueur are unique.

Dolin Génépi liqueur is easy to recognise, with its brilliant tender, pale green robe highlighted with glints of gold. The bouquet is powerful, intense and straightforward, leading to grassy notes of Artemisia, softened with floral notes of violet.

Let yourself go, and give into the captivating alpine fragrances.

Serve on the rocks, beautifully chilled and perfectly plains. These delicious liqueurs unveil their aromatic complexity and their utter elegance.

Serve it on ice cream, such as vanilla, mint or chocolate.