From the beginnings, clouded in the smoke of the finest tobaccoes, to the introduction of fine port wines and whiskies into the Swiss market: the passion for cultivated pleasure runs like a golden thread through the history of Charles Hofer SA.

It All Started with Tobacco

In 1981 Ruth and Charles Hofer founded the Tabacaria SA in Olten. With high quality, expert knowledge, and innovative ideas Tabacaria SA quickly became the leading tobacco specialist in Northern Switzerland. One example: Charles Hofer was the first tobacco supplier offering humidors to his customers and being responsible for continually tending to their content.

Passion for Pleasure

The founding of Charles Hofer SA in 1989 was thus only the logical continuation of a great passion for cultivated pleasure. Now Charles Hofer was also introducing his customers to internationally renowned, premium sweet wines and high-class spirits. When asked how he taught the Swiss to drink port wine he answered: «I import port, I sell port, I drink port, I love port, I live port.» This same passion was felt for each of his selected products and it made Charles Hofer to a very successful importer of the finest brands.

A New Chapter Begins

In 2011, after 22 successful years, Ruth and Charles Hofer decided to return to the private life and to pass their company on to a worthy successor. This successor turned out to be Patric Lutz, a managing partner of “Pernet – World of Fine Food” in Gstaad for over 10 years. After many years of professional cooperation and personal friendship with the Hofers it will be his pleasure to continue the tradition of quality with the same passion and to write the next chapter in the history of Charles Hofer SA.