Glenturret Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Originally owned by Sir Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre, The Glenturret Distillery is mentioned in the purchase records of the Barony of Ochtertyre as far back as 1763.

The Murrays of Ochtertyre were local landowners, farmers, and passionate brewers and distillers. The original Murray family crest, azure in colour, carried a shield holding three stars, an early depiction of today’s Scottish flag, a coronet and an olive branch signalling peace.

Today, the distillery still nestles in its original location on the edge of the historic town of Crieff. Known locally as “The Hosh” (Gaelic for “the foot”) – it is a picturesque and secluded setting at the foot of green rolling hills in the lower glen overlooking the River Turret.

Glenturret’s dedication to traditional handcrafted whisky making and an unusually slow distillation in hand-beaten copper stills combine to influence and underpin the unique character of its new make spirit. It is a spirit that can be nurtured and enriched over time; that will work with the wood, not against it; a spirit shaped by hand and heart.

Small batch production demands the highest attention and the commitment to the traditions of craft distilling also means that each limited batch created is subtly different to the previous.

Today, The Glenturret is part of the Swiss based Lalique Group.

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