House of McCallum Whisky


House of McCallum is a collection of Scotch whiskies produced by Antony McCallum, Malt Master, bottler and creator of exceptional whiskies, with 24 years of experience in the Scotch whisky industry.The McCallum clan hails from the west coast and is one of the oldest clans in Scotland. It can be traced back to King Malcolm I, who was the first to unite the Picts and the Scots into one kingdom.

House of McCallum consists of two series: The “Art of Whisky Collection” series and the “Auld Alliance Vintage Collection”. There is also the “Art of Rum” series.

The whiskies in the “Art of Whisky Collection” series are selected for their unique character and decorated with pictures by Scottish artists. Each bottle and packaging tells the story of the painting, the artist and the whisky.

The Auld Alliance Vintage Collection is a collection of whiskies selected for their exceptional character, some of which are matured in wine casks sourced from selected wine producers. The “Auld Alliance” was an alliance between the kingdoms of France and Scotland.

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