Delamain Cognac

The family of Delamain stands for the best Cognacs in their purest expression! James Delamain returned 1759 from Ireland, to help his father-in-law Jean-Isaac Ranson, owner of a long-standing exporting company, make this declaration come true. The history of Delamain is so much part of the history of Cognac, that the name is counted among the oldest names of the region. Today the house of Delamain is headed by Patrick Peyrelongue and his cousin Charles Braastad, both direct descendants of the founders.

Tradition and Care for the Highest Quality

The Delamain family produced humanists, scientists, and poets, such as Jacques Delamain, famous ornithologist, or Robert Delamain, author of the book «The History of Cognac», which is still an important reference book today. All successors in the house of Delamain were open for innovations yet still maintained the important traditions. They personally managed each of the crucial steps of the production: the buying of the brandies, the maturation and storage, the marriage and the reduction of the cask strength. This care resulted in a constant and reliably high quality of the final product.

The Best Brandies of the Grande Champagne

In the tradition of the house, Delamain chooses and buys brandies from other distillers of the region, in most cases for several generations. In this way Delamain maintains access to all producers of the Grande Champagne, whose brandy is counted as being of the very best quality. Even today all steps of production are performed by hand, according to the rules of the art and with the aim of producing the highest quality. The casks used for the maturation of the cognacs also play a very important role in this process.

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