Isle of Arran Single Malt Whisky

Early in the 19th century there were more than 50 whisky distilleries on Arran, most of them illegal and carefully hidden from the eyes of the taxmen. The malt from Arran was acclaimed at the time as the best in Scotland, only rivalled by those from the ‘Glen of Livet’.

1837 the last distillery stopped production and for more than 150 years no whisky was produced on Arran. On 29 June 1995 the old dream of a proper Arran distillery came true when production commenced once again. On 17 August 1995 during the official opening ceremony two golden eagles, who live on the mountain behind the Distillery, provided a fly past over the mountains of Lochranza. Many guests viewed this as a good sign and the proud birds found their way into the company logo.

Since then Arran Malt has made itself a name with many special finishes and the introduction of the limited selection «Icons of Arran».

One of the biggest success was also the trilogy “The Devil’s Punch Bowl”. One of the most wanted Whisky’s by collectors.

Arran Gold Cream Liqueur