Joseph Cartron liqueur

Creator of flavours and architect of tastes at Nuits-Saint-Georges, Joseph Cartron, distiller liquorist since 1882, has built its reputation on the superb quality and authenticity of its fruit.

Cartron’s fifth generation manages this family treasure which has become a must in cocktail bars, restaurants and off-trade specialists always in the forefront of research in know-how and innovation.

Joseph Cartron’s Fruit Liqueurs and Eaux-de-Vie are exported to over 45 countries all over the world. A real recognition of the brand which has always built its reputation on respect for traditions.

In the intimacy of the fruit

Key to its success is the selection and excellence of the fruit. From generation to generation Joseph Cartron has been working with the same fruit growers, determined to maintain low yields, rare and incomparable varieties – 70% of these fruits are harvested in Burgundy or the surrounding area. The choice of the fruit for Joseph Cartron is both a token of quality and aroma accuracy.

Among these varieties stand out: the sublime Noir de Bourgogne Blackcurrant, the legendary aromatic and delicate Llyod George Raspberry, the delicious ‘Pêche de Vigne’, the heavenly Cavaillon Melon, the Monts du Lyonnais soft stone Apricot, the Monts de la Côte d’Or Williams Pear and also the Montmorency bitter Cherry or the Chalonnaise black Cherry… These Burgundy or exotic treasures and fruit splendours typify Joseph Cartron’s Fruit Liqueurs and Eaux-de-vie generating harmony, freshness and intense aromas.

And in the heart of the process secrets

Behind the scenes of production are found a concentration of talent, recipes, standards and know-how that each generation takes pride in transmitting and cultivating. A sort of secret orchard where the entire production process is perfectly balanced and harmonious. The selection and picking of the fruit when fully ripe, maceration in natural alcohol infusion, mixing and addition of sugar, filtering, distillation (specific to each aroma and liqueur), ageing, and blending… remain artisanal, the result of Joseph Cartron’s choice to be as authentic and as close to the real taste as possible. Moreover, every range of products undergoes, before commercialisation, taste tests carried out by the production teams and the company’s flavourists. The precision of this heritage, of this know-how is what identifies the promise of the Joseph Cartron brand: the explosion of all these tastes on the fruit. Before maturing and blending, the Joseph Cartron fruit Eaux-de-vie, Marc and Fine de Bourgogne, are distilled according to the purest of traditions in the pot-stills of the itinerant distillers.

Innovation of taste laboratory

Essential in the production process, Joseph Cartron’s taste laboratory has developed an immense wealth of unexpected, daring and novel harmonies, all based on the intimacy and heart of the fruit. Processing secrets and real authenticity – in order to bring out the note of the fruit and its quality – result in the most remarkable creations that fill the shelves of the most select off-trade and that are adopted in the making of cocktails and fashion drinks by mixologists craving for all kinds of novelties.

Joseph Cartron Eau-de-Vie

Joseph Cartron Marc