Bozal Mezcal

On the steep precarious hillsides of Oaxaca and Guerrero varieties of agave, indigenous to the region, grow wild and are heavily sought after by the local mezcaleros. These varietals produce flavours that are exotically intense, with rich earth tones and savoury smokiness. From the heart of the maguey these flavours are traditionally extracted to produce Mezcal that is wildly refined. Because at BOZAL it’s believed that something wild produces a far richer spirit.


The Spanish term BOZAL translates to “wild” or “untamed”. The name was chosen for this Mezcal in reference to the wild species of Mexican agave grown in hard to reach, uncultivated lands of Oaxaca and Guerrero. As well as for the untamed traditions used by the family operated distilleries, or mezcaleros, to distil small batches in those same locations.


An artisanal approach toward production is used in order to create an unadulterated style of mezcal. In keeping with the 200-year-old tradition, the agave hearts are cooked in earthen pit ovens, later to be crushed and mashed by a stone Tehona wheel turned by a horse. Without the addition of artificial yeast, open-air fermentation allows the sugars to ferment utilizing naturally occurring yeast. The mezcal is then purified through a double distillation process.

Espadín & Barril & Mexicanao – Ensamble

Village: Ejutla de Crespo and San Baltazar / Region. Oaxaca / Copper Pot Still / 47% / 75cl

The Espadín agave, known as the genetic Mother of the Blue Weber Agave, is used to produce tequila, and is also the predominant agave used in mezcal production. Unique in itself, the characteristics of this agave showcase the aromas of wet earth, a rich smokiness on the mid-palate, and a finish reminiscent of wild flowers. This variety of agave is a subspecies of the Angustifolia Family of agave.

The Barril agave is a thick-foliaged, wild agave, often used as fencing to divide land in Oaxaca, intensifies the complexity of this mezcal. As citrus and floral notes arise, hints of green peppers compliment the nose. The palate is a delightful balance of citrus and creamy banana. Barril is a subspecies of the Karwinskii Family of agave.

The Mexicano agave thrives in the moist environment of lower elevations. This wild agave can grow quite large and is usually harvested when close to ten years of age. The concentration of sugar in the fully mature agave produces an extremely powerful mezcal. The palate is distinctively herbaceous and earthy with a long lasting finish in the mouth. Mexicano is subspecies of the Rhodacantha Family of agave.

Cuixe – Single Maguey

Village: San Baltazar / Region: Oaxaca / Copper Port Still / 47% / 75cl

One of the most physically distinct species of agave, the Cuixe, a subspecies of the Karwinskii Family of agave, grows vertically as a single stalk with its leaves spreading at the top. Due to its unusual structure, and the stalk containing the firmer piña material, the Cuixe can be difficult to harvest and to work with in general. This agave offers aromas full of tropical fruit with a dry piney and mineral finish.

Tobasiche – Single Maguey

Village: San Baltazar / Region: Oaxaca / Copper Pot Still / 47% / 75cl

A subspecies of the Karwinskii Family of agave, the Tobasiche is a wild agave that needs twelve to thirteen years to fully mature. This agave is typically characterized by its herbaceous and cedar-like aromatics with an earthy finish.

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