Cotswolds English Single Malt Whisky


The Cotswolds region (England) is rich in history, breathtaking landscapes and charming old towns. There has also been a distillery since 2014. The Cotswolds Distillery is located between the historic towns of Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon.

The first single malt whisky ever distilled in the area offers honey and toffee on the nose with delicate notes of peach and apricot and a hint of marzipan. On the palate the impression of tannic malt, initially oily with dark sugar notes, followed by fresh spiciness and caramelised orange marmalade. Long finish with dark, red fruits and some sugar syrup.

The Cotswolds distillery stands on a five-hectare estate surrounded by outstanding natural beauty in an area renowned for its horticultural heritage. The state of the art facilities are perfectly designed for the creation of premium spirits. Over 100,000 bottles of Cotswolds single malt whisky can be produced annually. The whole team endeavours to recycle all production waste. The barley washed out after mashing is used to feed cows and all other waste products are utilised in a nearby biogas plant.