Cotswolds English Single Malt Whisky

The Cotswolds (England) is full of rich history, stunning scenery, charming old towns and great hotels and dining. Everything but a working distillery… Until 2014.

Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty famous for its horticultural heritage and set in five acres of beautiful Cotswolds countryside, the state-of-the-art distillation equipment is perfectly poised for the creation of fine spirits.

The Forsyths whisky stills have been custom made to the requested exacting standards, with the 500kg mash tun, 2’400 litre wash still, 1’600 litre spirit still and four 2’500 litre fermenters being able to produce over 100’000 bottles of the Cotswold Single Malt Whisky annually. The Cotswolds Gin is crafted using the tailor-made hybrid Holstein still. With a capacity of 500 litre, the possibilities are endless when it comes to achieving superior quality and toying with new recipe development.

The founders believe that the distillery in Stourton, one of the most unspoilt villages in the Cotswolds, is the most beautiful in England. The distillery was built to mirror the beauty of the produced artisanal spirits, showcasing the rich agricultural terroir of the Cotswolds. Big investments were also made in the beauty of the land, re-planting native trees, shrubs, flowers and even botanicals to be incorporated into the gin recipes.

Dan Szor, founder and CEO, living only a few fields away (and the rest of the team not much further), believes in being a valued member of the local community, committed to being as clean and green as possible, so the team is making certain that the production waste is recycled. The spent grains of barley from the mash go to feed Cotswold cattle, and the other co-products created by the distilling process will be turned into biogas at a nearby anaerobic digester.

The Distillery is located between the historic towns of Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon, only 80 miles from London and about 50 miles from Birmingham, perfectly situated to receive guests in the beautiful visitors centre.

The first Whisky is expected to be ready in October 2017, after the mandatory three-year ageing period.

Test Batch Series Vol 2:

The second volume in the Test Batch Series, this beautifully-packaged gift set allows to follow the journey to releasing the first-ever Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky. It contains three 20cl bottles, all at cask strength, containing the beautiful new make spirit and two aged expressions of the single malt spirit (20 months old, ex-Bourbon and ex-red wine). Comes in a bespoke gift box with comprehensive tasting notes.

Cotswolds Cream Liqueur

Cotswolds Dry Gin