Laberdolive Armagnac

If you ask for the best wine in Sauternes you will hear «Yquem», and in Pomerol «Pétrus». If you are in the Gascogne and aks for the best brandy, you will hear the name of «Laberdolive».

The estate with 42 hectares is situated on exceptionally sandy soil and planted with the customary regional grapes: Baco, Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche. The production is very small and distillation takes place in the traditional manner in an Armagnac Alambic on a wood fire. The precious results are stored in traditional 400 liter Gascogne casks, whose wood is also grown on the estate.

Today Laberdolive is managed by Pierre Laberdolive — a very quiet and patient man, in complete harmony with his lands, his casks and his Armagnac. His reputation as a cellarer is known all over France and the world and his product is often called «The Gold of Armagnac».

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