Penderyn Welsh Single Malt Whisky

At the dawn of the new millennium, a group of friends from the beautiful country of Wales set out with a simple vision. As the first Welsh distillers in more than a century, they were determined to break with convention and pledge to realize their dream.

The Faraday Still

The whisky still at Penderyn is unlike any other: a single copper pot still producing a flavorful spirit of extraordinary strength and purity. This still was invented exclusively for us by Dr David Faraday, descendent of the ground-breaking Victorian scientist, Michael Faraday.

At 92% alcohol by volume the new spirit has the highest strength of any malt Whisky; and with just one barrel produced every day, it is also exceptionally rare.

The Art of Maturation

The Penderyn house style derives uniquely from the use of two types of cask. After an initial maturation in hand-selected bourbon barrels from a single source, the Whisky is further matured in special Madeira barriques.

Fresh and Vibrant

Art and science come together at the moment when our talented young distillers, decree that a cask is ready to be bottled. Thanks to the quality of the wood, the delicate spirit rapidly develops a sophistication normally confined to much older whiskies, but to retain its freshness and vibrancy we take care not to over-mature. Reducing the strength drop by drop with our very own Brecon spring water, we bottle Penderyn Whisky without chill-filtration.

The Distillery

At Penderyn just one cask is produced per day of the finest malted barley spirit, which, when matured, is recognized worldwide as one of the finest malt whiskies. The majority of the spirit goes into cask for ageing in Penderyn’s cellars. Minute quantities are diverted to craft other award-winning products.

All exceptional whiskies bring together the crucial ingredients: the still, the wood and the water. If you take the time to read on about Penderyn’s products and process you will discover why, like Welsh gold, Penderyn Single Malt Whisky is so rare that it has to be on strict allocation to markets outside Wales. It is one of the rarest, finest and most delicate malt whiskies available.

From the time when the cooper goes into the sustainable American white oak forests to hand select trees from which our barrels are made through to the bottling line at the distillery where dedicated staff hand polish every bottle as they come off the line, the commitment to quality is uncompromising.

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