Penderyn Welsh Single Malt Whisky


At the start of the millennium, a group of friends realised their dream and built the first distillery in Wales for a hundred years.

At Penderyn, the special Farraday stills are used to produce single malt whisky from the best malt, which, once matured, is recognised as one of the best malt whiskies in the world. Most of the new distillate goes into the casks for ageing. Smaller quantities are used for other handcrafted products. The Penderyn house style is clearly based on the use of two types of cask. After an initial maturation in hand-selected bourbon casks, the whisky is finished in special Madeira barriques.

In addition to the typical Madeira finish, a whole range of specialities is produced. The “The Icons of Wales” series, which is dedicated to the history of Wales, is also cultivated.