Comte Louis de Lauriston Calvados

In the Southeast of Normandy you will find the tranquil region of Domfront. 1962 Count Louis de Lauriston, secretary general of the French farmers association, founded the „Chais du Verger Normand“. His aim was to prevent further alterations between overly zealous customs officials and the traditional moonshiners, that had been distilling their own Calvados in the Domfront for generations.

Today the name of Lauriston stands for the highest quality of Calvados with its own «tAppellation Controlée». And thanks to Christian Drouin, own of the most renowned producers in the Norman Pays d’Auge, Calvados with the name of «Comte Louis de Lauriston» ist renowned and sought after all over the world.

An exceptional Calvados

The thing that is most special about Calvados Comte Louis de Lauriston is the high proportion of pears, mixed into the apple cider. Add to this their origins from the slate and granite soils of Normandy and their singular distillation. All of these lend to the Calvados Comte Louis de Lauriston Calvados a unique flowery and fruity aroma combined with an unsurmountable elegance and finesse.

Unfortunately Calvados has lost many of its admirers in the past, because increasingly rough and boozy Calvados were produced and marketed. For the past 20 years Charles Hofer SA has been fighting for the rightful good name of the true Calvados.

Especially for the aficionados of Havana cigars we carry a small selection of vintages (1964, 1971, 1980) in cask-strength. This bottling is peerless in the world and – combined with a good cigar – an inimitable pleasure!

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