A Taylor’s Port for the long winter evenings

Wintertime brings the long evenings back to the parlour. One of our greatest pleasures at this time of year is a great bottle of port, and luckily our cellar is only two floors down from the good parlour.

For the coming Christmas season and beyond, we can offer you the following news:

Taylor’s Tawny 50 years old

75cl | 20%
This category has only existed since the beginning of the year and how could it be otherwise – Taylor’s is one of the first to be able to bring one onto the market immediately from its huge stocks without any problems.

Taylor’s Port Golden Age 50 year old Tawny Port (PDF)

Taylor’s VVOP (Very Very Old Port)

75cl | 20%
This is also a new category and brings together all the cask-aged Port wines that have been stored in the Port Pipes for over 80 years. This wine comes in a beautiful decanter, which in turn comes in a fine wooden box.

Taylor’s Port VVOP – Very Very Old Port (PDF)

Taylor’s Historical Collection III Limited Edition Reserve Tawny Port

75cl | 20%
The bottle is based on an example from the 1750s.

Taylor’s Reserve Tawny Port Historical Collection III 2021 Limited Edition (PDF)

If you’re into points, here’s a little overview of the most recent vintages:

Taylor's RP WS
2003 98 94
2016 96 98
2017 99 97
2017 VVV 100 98
2018 95
Fonseca RP WS
2003 95 96
2016 97 97
2017 98 97

If you like it more classic – a great Tawny 10 year old or 20 year old or then a LBV (Late Bottled Vintage) are also not to be despised.

Do you have detailed questions about our port wine range? Our team is at your disposal with great pleasure.