Delamain – starts where most cognac houses stop

For over 30 years, we have been a proud importer of cognacs from the house of Delamain. These cognacs have always had the intensity and elegance of the finest Bordeaux wines. And in all these years, one thing has not changed – Delamain begins where most cognac houses end!

Next year will be Delamain’s 200th anniversary – but there is already some important news this year:

Pale & Dry XO

The absolute classic from Delamain, the Assemblage Pale & Dry XO created in 1920 is now available again in the 70cl bottle. This cognac represents over 70% of Delamain sales worldwide and embodies the elegance, freshness, lightness, fruitiness, and tradition of Delamain like no other.

Pale & Dry XO (PDF)

L’Oiseau Rare

The latest creation from the house of Delamain. Shortly before the retirement of Dominique Touteau, the Maitre de Chai of Delamain, with his 40-year career, he has once again made a big splash. The very best cognacs he discovered for Delamain during his career have been married together over many years and have now reached their peak. Bottled in a noble decanter and packed in a high-quality reusable wooden box, L’Oiseau Rare is for the moment the top of the Delamain Cognac range.

Delamain Cognac L’Oiseau Rare Cognac Grande Champagne (PDF)

XO Decanter

In addition to the XXO Decanter, we now also carry the XO Decanter in our range. Together with the new “L’Oiseau Rare”, these two bottlings form Delamain’s Prestige Collection.

Delamain Cognac XO Decanter Extra Old Cognac Grande Champagne (PDF)