CentoPerCento Grappa

CentoPerCento means 100%. And that’s the way Luciano Brotto and his son Nicola have been producing Grappa since 1998. They have revolutionized grappa production in Montello and have developed new, original and exclusive methods.

Luciano Brotto is thus not only continuing to write a family tradition of more than 100 years of grappa production. He has also become a scientist and innovator of the grappa industry of the region of Veneto.

The products of CentoPerCento are focused on young consumers, especially women, who want to discover Grappe for themselves. CentoperCento places geat value on absolute quality and care during production – from the growing of the grapes all the way to the final bottling processes. In addition an elegant appearance and the production of limited kinds of grappe are very important to the makers of CentoPerCento.

The grappe of the classical line are distilled from a single kind of grape with the addition of grape must. The numbers used in naming the different sorts of the classical line represent the area codes of the regions where the grapes originate:

  • 06 Cannellino (Rom)
  • 045 Amarone (Valpolicella)
  • 055 Chianti
  • 081 Lacryma Christi (Neapel)
  • 085 Pecorino
  • 0423 Prosecco (Valdobbiadene)
  • 0577 Brunello di Montalcino


Additional CentoperCento Specialities

Terreblu Grappa Bianca

A blend from the distillation of white and red grapes. After distillation it is stored for two months in large wine casks, then filtered, bottled – and stored again for an additional 30 days. 70cl / 39.5%

Terreblu Grappa Torbata

A blend from the distillation of red grapes with the fine perfume of peat smoke. Stored in casks of different kinds of wood for at least one year. 70cl / 39.5%


Distillate of the grapes Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13, Prosecco Asolano and Cabernet Destra Piave. Bottled immediately. 50cl / 50%


Distillate of the grapes Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13, Prosecco Asolano and Cabernet Destra Piave. Stored for one year in small casks of oak and cherry wood. 50cl / 43.7%


Blend from a distillate of the fresh marc gained from Rabioso Piave grapes and from Rabioso Piave marc from Passito-grapes (slightly dry grapes, pressed in december). Maturation for four months in small wood casks, used for the maturation of Rabioso wine – then stored again in the bottle for another 40 days. 50cl / 38%

10th Torbata Selezione Riserva

The perfect blend of various vintages of Grappa Torbata from different casks. 50cl / 42%

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