New sherry cask series from GlenAllachie

GlenAllachie launches the first part of this year’s Wood Collection: three whiskies matured in different sherry casks. The first bottles in the new packaging are being released in Switzerland at the same time. The final series of six bottlings shows the influence of the different sherry styles on GlenAllachie whisky.

The Wood Collection is bottled at 48% vol. without colouring and without chill filtration.

Fino Sherry Cask Finish 9 years old

48 % | 70cl

Fino is known for its pale appearance and delicate flavour profile and is the driest style of sherry. It must be matured organically for at least two years under its “flor”: a layer of yeast that prevents oxidation. Maturation in ex-fino hogshead casks has resulted in a single malt bursting with stewed pears, sugared almonds and vanilla custard notes.

Colour: Polished gold.

Nose: Nutmeg, heather honey and vanilla extract, plus butterscotch, green apple skin, stone fruit and roasted almonds.

Palate: Dried apricots, honeycomb and butterscotch, followed by baking spices, marzipan and caramel, with orchard fruits and citrus on the finish.

Amontillado Sherry Cask Finish 9 years old

48 % | 70cl

Amontillado sherry begins its life as a fino and undergoes an additional ageing period without a “flor” layer. This phase of oxidative ageing develops a richer colour and more robust characteristics. Hogsheads that previously contained this well-aged sherry style were used to produce this single malt full of black cherries, roasted hazelnuts and caramel sauce.

Colour: Bronze-coloured mahogany.

Nose: Soft orchard fruits, cinnamon and heather honey, with butterscotch, hazelnuts and dark tobacco.

Palate: Honeycomb, maraschino cherries and dried apricots, followed by poached pears, blood orange, mixed nuts and cinnamon.

Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish 9 years old

48 % | 70cl

Oloroso, which roughly translates as ‘fragrant’, has undergone extensive maturation without a “flor” layer of yeast and is the darkest dry sherry style, known for its distinct nutty, dried fruit flavours. Maturation in these Oloroso casks has produced bold flavours of coffee beans, sticky sultanas, ginger and figs, all of which harmonise with The GlenAllachie’s honey-rich house style.

Colour: Intense chestnut brown.

Nose: Heather honey, mocha and dried apricots, with notes of cinnamon butter, red velvet cake and marzipan.

Palate: Dark chocolate, honeycomb and butterscotch, followed by dried red berries, ginger and plums, with poached apples and muscovado sugar.

Find out more about the new Sherry Cask range from GlenAllachie in this Youtube video: