“The Aberturret Gin” by The Glenturret

 45 % | 70cl 

The Aberturret Gin, a handcrafted Scottish gin, is produced by The Glenturret in Hosh, Crieff. History, tradition and innovative interpretation: The Aberturret Gin combines time-honoured, traditional distillation techniques with 14 selected, purely plant-based ingredients. The Glenturret New Make Spirit gives it particular strength and intensity. The Aberturret Gin is bottled in a distinctive emerald green bottle designed exclusively by Lalique. Its spicy, herbal flavour makes it the perfect base for a Gin & Tonic, Martini or Negroni.

The iconic design of the bottle is reminiscent of Lalique’s famous Art Deco creations from the wild 1920s, a time when gin was one of the most popular spirits. Its deep green colour is symbolic of the stunning landscape of the Highlands surrounding the distillery and the rich green found in the patterns of the tartans traditionally worn by the Murray clan.

Juniper takes centre stage, with citrus notes of lime zest and grapefruit adding zesty overtones, underpinned by a clean minerality that allows the aroma to blossom. A hint of lightly toasted marshmallow adds an inviting layer.

The first impression is a soft and creamy note, in which the maltiness of the New Make Spirit and the juniper are paired and emphasise the lighter notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit zest. These flavours are followed by notes of pine, underpinned by spicy pink pepper and a hint of earthy sweetness from sumac. Finally, a touch of lemon sorbet leads to a rounded finish. This invigorates the palate and is complemented by a hint of sweet liquorice, which completes the citrus zest.

Originally owned by Sir Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre, The Glenturret Distillery is mentioned in the purchase documents of the Barony of Ochtertyre as early as 1763. The Murrays of Ochtertyre were local landowners, farmers and passionate brewers and distillers.

Today, the distillery still nestles on its original site on the outskirts of the historic town of Crieff. Locally known as “The Hosh” (Gaelic for “the foot”) – it is a picturesque and secluded location at the foot of rolling green hills in the lower part of the valley, overlooking the River Turret.

The dedication to traditional artisan whisky making and an unusually slow distillation in handmade copper pot stills influence and underpin the unique character of the fresh distillate. The small batches require the utmost attention; the commitment to the traditions of craft distilling also means that each limited batch is subtly different from the previous one.

Today, The Glenturret is owned by the Swiss-based Lalique Group together with the Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss.