Forest Dry Gin

Forest Spirits is a creation of Jurgen Lijcops, expert sommelier and owner of Michelin starred restaurant “The Glorious” in Antwerp, Belgium. Known for their exceptional concentration of flavours and aromas, the Forest Spirits are 100% natural Belgian products, produced at the Forest domain near Antwerp from herbs and fruits that are cultivated around the distillery. The aim of the Forest Spirits project was to create pure spirits that combines juniper with locally produced ingredients and to perform the whole process of distillation on the domain itself. The Forest domain contains 3,5 acres of land where Forest herbs like bergamot, coriander seeds, angelica as well as pears, apples and lavender are produced in an ecological way.

The fermentation of a mix of cereals and water gives the liquid that will be distilled four times in a pot still. This gives the spirit that will be the base of all the Forest Dry Gins. The botanicals and fruit are macerated and distilled separately. Finally, the distilled botanicals and fruit are blended with the basic spirit following the same procedure. This mixture will be left to rest for a couple of weeks in order to obtain the perfect marriage between the etheric oils of the botanicals and the basic cereal spirit. A predominant taste of juniper will be typical for all the Forest dry gins but every season will have his own gin flavoured with the seasonal botanicals. None of the Forest dry gins are sweetened. It is due to the expertise of the master distiller, the fact that only low profit stills and only locally produced ecologic ingredients are used that Forest Dry Gin has a soft and round taste.

Forest Dry Gin Spring – 42 %

Very floral gin, based on spring roses, with a profound freshness emanating from the citrus fruits.

Forest Dry Gin Summer – 45 %

Very dry and lively gin, with a characteristic flavour of blood orange and bergamot blossom, finishing with a lovely note of ginger.

Forest Dry Gin Autumn – 42 %

Complex, with a spiciness engendered by the 24 herbs, and a dominant aroma and flavour of pears, lavender and tangerines.

Forest Dry Gin Winter – 45 %

An Old School gin, with lots of juniper berry notes and pronounced citrus overtones.