All Green for Saint Patrick’s Day

17 March is St. Paddy’s Day, as the Irish affectionately call it. There are many myths surrounding the patron saint Saint Patrick. We say “sláinte!”, which loosely translates from Gaelic as “to your health”, and celebrate the day with a look at our Irish range.

Everything turns green – in Ireland, houses are lit up in green and folk festivals are held to mark the holiday. Thanks to many emigrated Irish, Saint Patrick’s Day is spreading worldwide. While the patron saint is celebrated in Irish cities with large parades and a variety of activities, rivers have even been dyed green in Chicago.

Speaking of myths: one of them says that Saint Patrick was not Irish at all, but a Scotsman kidnapped by Irishmen. Be that as it may, we think the whiskeys from The Whistler, the new gins from Boann Distillery or the exquisite cream liqueurs from Merry’s are worth a tip.

Discover our range from Ireland here

The Whistler Irish Single Malt Whiskey

The Whistler Irish Honey Likör

Merrys Irish Cream Likör

or brand new two gins from the Boann Distillery: the Copper Cloud Irish Dry Gin – made for whiskey lovers and the Silks Irish Dry Gin – here apple and elderflowers from the own apple orchard and honey from the own bees find the perfect use:

Boann Distillery Irish Gin