Clément Rhum

Since 1887 the company Clément produces the finest and most renowned rhum agricole in the purest tradition and according to the rules inherited from Homère and Charles Clément.

The house of Clément has founded its good name on this famous old rum and is today one of the leading producers of rhum agricole. In the four cellars of the Habitation Clément hundreds of thousands of liters of rhum are waiting patiently for connaisseurs and buyers from all over the world. Cellarman Robert Perronet is making sure that their quality is always worthy of the name Clément.

History of Rhum Agricole

In the second half of the 19th century the island of Martinique was the center of the caribbean sugar trade and the source of the best sugar for all European countries. But in 1883, when Europeans began to buy the cheaper sugar from South and Central America, the great sugar crisis arrived in Martinique. In 1887 Homère Clément, mayor of Le Francois, bought the bancrupt sugar cane farm in his village of Domaine de l’Acajou and thereby prevented its total collapse. His aim was to end the unrest among sugar cane farmers and move them to return to the fields. Not to produce sugar, but to press the natural juice from the sugar cane and use it to distill rhum. Clément had come upon this idea while visiting brandy producers in the french Charente – it made him the father of «Rhum Agricole».

The Production Process

To produce Rhum Clément, the sugar cane is shredded and pressed to obtain its pure juice. This juice is fermented for two to three days and becomes the sugar cane wine called «Vesou». This delicious vesou is then carefully distilled to 72 % in order to maintain the aroma of the sugar cane. The resulting rhum is matured for a year in new oak casks to absorb the wood aroma. Then it ripens another three years in Bourbon casks.

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