Tomatin Italian Collection

Since 1897, there has been a quiet revolution unfolding in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. The naturally softwater of the Alt-na-Frith burn is introduced to tender Scottish barley and, later, from the tall, slim copper stills of the Tomatin Distillery a mellow, fruity spirit is born.

Gentle maturation in carefully selected casks lets the subtle character of this distinctive single malt emerge, ensuring that the softer side of thepreciousspirit is never overpowered.

There are few people we keep close to heart no matter how far we travel.

But the warmth of a loving family knows no bounds or borders. So, it’s with great pride we introduce our latest limited release, The Italian Collection. Single malt finished in wine casks from the sun-soaked hills of Italy where “la famiglia” is the way of life.

The Italian Collection exhibits the unique influence imparted by different types of Italian Wine casks in an exceptional showcase. The spirit, distilled on 6th December 2010, was laid down in traditional Scotch Whisky oak casks for 10 years. On 10th February 2021 it was then moved into Marsala, Amarone and Barolo wine casks for a further 2 years, resulting in a wonderful trio of single malt Scotch Whiskies.

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