Whisky and food: Tomatin presents a selection of perfect pairings

Tomatin Food Pairings

For a long time, whisky was considered a spirit, not to be accompanied by anything else but a glass of water (if that). Today, you’ll more and more find fine dishes next to the noble drink. These food pairings focus on the relish of the spirit and complement it with a gourmet creation. At it, the food is harmonically geared to the whisky. Hereby, it provides gourmets the opportunity to get themselves into new facets of the drink.

Tomatin creates inspiring symbiosis of relish

The Scottish distillery Tomatin also discovered how special these pairings are and therefore they recently launched their new range of food pairings. The treasures, created in a collaboration with award-winning chef Jacqueline O’Donnell, were solemnly presented at an event at the Sisters Restaurant in Glasgow. Jacqueline and Tomatin Manager Graham Eunson provided exciting insights into the synergy of the light and fruity whisky and exceptional food creations. During a four-course meal guests experienced, among others, an inspiring symbiosis of whisky with delicate lamb and bewitching desserts. The tempting recipes can be found here.