3 Badge Beverage Corporation

The new company name of 35 Maple Street Spirits is 3 Badge Beverage Corporation

The new name reflects the family’s history, and it underscores their connection to Sonoma and the commitment to producing a quality wines and spirits portfolio.


In June 2015 we acquired the old Sonoma firehouse – originally constructed in 1948 – and converted it to our company offices. In researching the old building, we came across a number of documents that showed our grandfather, and namesake, was a volunteer firefighter who had worked out of this very building. That discovery led us to uncover the three service badges from his time as a volunteer (Active, Retired and Honorary). Therefore, we have chosen the name 3 Badge Beverage Corporation to encapsulate more of our family history and speak to our deep roots in the community.

Under 3 Badge Beverage Corporation, the wine division is 3 Badge Enology (no longer The Other Guys, Inc.) and the spirits division is 3 Badge Mixology (no longer 35 Maple Street Spirits).

The products of 35 Maple Street Spirits: