Taylor’s Single Harvest 1964


Taylor’s Very Old Single Harvest Port 1964 Limited Edition – available as of March 15

Taylor‘s owns one of the largest stores of barrel aged port wines. Included is a collection of very rare barrel aged ports of various years. These are ports that have spent their entire lives aging in used oak barrels and have then earned the right to bear the year of harvest on their label.

Taylor’s has decided to release to the marketplace a limited number of bottles aged 50 years. The first release of this rarity is the year 1964 — other years will follow.

As opposed to vintage ports, which age in the bottle, these barrel-aged ports are mature and ready to be consumed as soon as they are bottled. The long storage in oak barrels results in the characteristic amber color. These port wines are velvety smooth to the palate, have a soft taste, and a complex bouquet. They should not be poured until ready to be enjoyed. Although Taylor’s is renowned for its elegant and flavourful vintage ports, the Company is also one of the leading producers of barrel aged tawny ports.

During its 5 decade long aging process in oak barrels, the wine has developed an attractive, pale mahogany color with amber reflections. The nose can distinguish a fine oak wood scent, accompanied by complex spice and nut flavours. There is also a fresh hint of cigar cases before a warm and soft background of caramel and molasses. Velvety soft to the palate and complemented by a fine acidity that gives the wine a nice freshness despite its age. The finish is long and rich in spices and black pepper.

This wine turns every 50th birthday into the event of a lifetime!